One Froggy Morning


Winter can be beautiful, despite the cold and wind. This morning, the grass was covered with a heavy frost and the air was damp with fog. I hurried up to the park two blocks from my house, which is always a good place to take some photos.I didn’t want to lose the fog. I had nothing to worry about. No sun today.


Fontenelle Park used to be a golf course, but is now slowly transforming into a city park.


The park isn’t in a very good part of town, although my very lovely neighborhood is only a couple of blocks away. The park doesn’t get a whole lot of use due to its location, but it’s a beautiful park and one of the bigger green spaces in Omaha.


There’s a path the circles the park where people can walk, jog, and walk their dogs. At the four directions, you will find sculptures that tell a bit of the history of the Native Omaha people and Logan Fontenelle, for whom the park is named.


Trees that once lined the fairway now look like oddly placed landscaping.


I enjoy the macro side of the park as well.


Nothing like a little frost to make the weeds look beautiful.


And of course, there’s lots and lots of grass.


I’m not completely sure, but I think this is red twig dogwood. One of my favorite plants for winter interest in the garden and it grows wild around here.


Green spaces also make very good places to poop. Just ask the geese, who’s droppings cover the area around the pond. Maybe that’s why the grass is so green here. I’m sure this dog is in olfactory heaven right now.


A community of Karen refugees from Thailand live across the street from the park. These two bare patches mark the spot where, all summer long, you will find the young men playing either of takraw or volleyball. Takraw is volleyball without using hands or arms. It’s amazing to watch them do flips and fly through the air and the whole community gathers to watch them. I’d love to take photos, but I’m a bit shy about asking. Maybe one of these days.


I found several of these boxes nailed to trees in the park and thought they were very odd bird houses, as the only way in is from the bottom. I quickly figured out that they’re bat houses. I should put one on my ash tree in the back yard, so perhaps the bats would quit coming into my house!


After I was done in the park, I notice these barberries across the street. The little snowman peeking out from behind the sign was a happy surprise when I was editing my photos.


Frost even makes the litter look interesting.


And finally, I took a photo of the Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles chicken. Just because. And here I thought there was nothing left to photograph in Omaha. Mother Nature is always full of wonderful surprises.


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