A Day at the Park



One warm late summer day, I decided to join the throngs on Pokémon Goers and hit one of our local parks. I was interested in photographing the fountain, which reminds me a lot of some of the geysers in Yellowstone. The wind was blowing (when is it not in Omaha?) and I would occasionally get spritzed in the face with water from the fountain, but I just giggled and wiped off my lens.

Then the ducks caught my attention. They seemed to be playing a game. Take off and land. Take off and land. Or perhaps they were in a hurry to get from one side of the lake to the other. I don’t have a telephoto lens, so I had to make due with my 18-55mm lens and I think I captured some pretty good stuff. I love photographing birds, so my next lens will have to be a good 70-200mm. For now, cropping will have to do.






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