Typography is one of the most important, but often least understood and overlooked pieces of graphic design. If the typeface is wrong, it can obscure the message and make the design less interesting.

The assignment was to use a letter from the Phoenician alphabet in three different ways. I did quite a bit of research and I found a quote from a short story written by Jorge Luis Borges titled The Aleph and knew immediately that it would work really well in a design.

We were also required to use one color. Again, I did some research and found that astronomers from Johns Hopkins calculated the average of all the colors in the universe and the average color turned out to be a shade of beige they named Cosmic Latte. I tried to approximate a color similar to Cosmic Latte to use in my design.



The primary focus of the first design is the symbol itself. aleph-2

The focus of the second is on the word Aleph. I chose to use the symbol as well to add a little cohesiveness to the design.


The quote is the focus of the last one. What a beautiful way to describe the universe.

This was one of my favorite assignments and being a word nerd, typography is one of my favorite subjects.


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